AICR’s 10-week interactive program will help you build healthy habits to eat smarter and move more!

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10 Weeks to a Healthier You.

The Healthy10 Challenge is a great way to kickstart your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Each week you’ll conquer a different challenge focused on making better food decisions and being more active. And you’ll get all the tools you need along the way.

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Week 1

Strive for a Healthier Plate

Use the 2/3 – 1/3 plate principle or the New American Plate method for 5 or more meals this week.
Week 1 Plan

Week 2

Get Up and Going!

Add an extra 5–10 active minutes or 500–1,000 additional steps each day to maintain a healthy weight and keep active!
Week 2 Plan

Week 3

Add Some Color

Add colorful fruits and vegetables to your meals while trying some simple but adventurous new recipes.
Week 3 Plan

Week 4

Up and At’ Em

Add an extra 5–10 minutes or 500–1,000 steps of more intense physical activity.
Week 4 Plan

Week 5

Enjoy Whole Grains

Eat 3 or more servings a day of whole grains, every day this week.
Week 5 Plan

Week 6

Move More Strategies

Replace sitting time with 5–10 minutes or 500–1,000 steps of physical activity.
Week 6 Plan

Week 7

Make Plants the Center of Your Plate

Eat no more than 18 ounces of red meat.
Week 7 Plan

Week 8

Shake Up Your Routine

Add 30 minutes or take 4,000 additional steps while doing a NEW physical activity at least 3 days this week.
Week 8 Plan

Week 9

Quench Your Thirst

Replace sugar sweetened beverages with water, tea, coffee, and milk. Replace alcoholic beverages with alcohol-free fizzers or reduced alcohol spritzers.
Week 9 Plan

Week 10

Put It All Together

Focus on making 5 improvements to my home, work, and social environments to eat smarter and move more.
Week 10 Plan

You can do it. Healthy10 Challenge Can Help.

The Healthy10 Challenge gets you on the road achieving your diet and exercise goals, while reducing your cancer risk at the same time. What is motivating you to start better eating and exercise habits?

In addition to reducing my cancer risk, I want to:

The challenge hasn’t just helped with my diet, but also with exercise and all-around lifestyle.

Challenge Accepted: Amelia, Ohio

Check In With Your Health

The choices we make each day can help reduce our risk for cancer. AICR’s Cancer Health Check will help you learn more about your choices and how you can stack the odds in your favor.